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"No matter how educated you are, you still have to use the bathroom." - Laura Mackey

"Zits are itty-bitty demons from hell." - Jenny Thayer

"Treat people like campsites." - Peter Quint

"Everything looks bigger at night!" - Morissa "Mo" Born

"Everyone needs at least two years of therapy." - Elizabeth "Beef" Dick

"...and if he bothers you, kindly, but firmly...shoot him." - Matthew King

"This all (male chauvanism) goes way back to the Stone Age when men were breaking animals over their backs and eating rocks." (Or maybe that was the other way around.) - Morissa Born

"Why are you praying? This is a bar! Shut up and drink!" - Pete Quint

"Fate is over-rated. I'm not going to let life just push me around." - Jodi Lugibihl

"I've had it! I'm going to go join a nudists' colony!" - Laura Mackey

"When I was in high school, I had chops like a steelworker." - Chad Stearns

"I didn't bite him! I just closed my mouth and his arm was in it." - Elizabeth "Beef" Dick

"...let me tell you something about President Lincoln's cactus..." - Andy Honse

"Wow, it's cold! We'd better all get naked and use our body heat for warmth." - Nick "Idaho" Ernest

"You can open a door, but you can't build a house around it." - Chad "Sparky" Stearns

"He doesn't really kill people...he just makes them die." - Laura Mackey

"Fear of failure is a lame excuse for not setting goals." - Jodi Lugibihl

"Drinking is like a good massage; sometimes you just can't get enough." -Morissa "Mo" Born

"I don't have an Irish bone in my body. Well...not yet anyway." - Holly Werntz

"Ouch, the wall's hot! It's burning my ass! Feel it! No, not my ass! Feel the wall! - Holly Werntz
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"Whatever happened to Chanel numbers one through four?" - Elizabeth "Beef" Dick

"...and their precision drill team is second to none." (Watching the scene from Star Wars Episode I where the Battle Droids line up to attack.) - "Beef"

More quotes with origins from Bluffton College.

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