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The Island of Ireland
Pictures of Ireland from the 1999-2000 Northern Ireland trip!
For A Collection of Useful Books on N.Ireland Click on the Book
(Include Catalogue Numbers and Locations in Bluffton College Stacks.)

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland

The Path to Peace

The Northern Ireland Peace Process

The Corrymeela Community

Incore - A Global Centre for the Study and Resolution of Conflict

Irish News Roud-Up - Concerning the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Peace in Northern Ireland? (Highlighting Derry/Londonderry)

Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN)

White Ribbon Peace Campaign - Support Peace in Northern Ireland

Can Peace Come to Northern Ireland - World Book Encyclopedia

Families Against Intimidation and Terror

Irish Search, Tourist Info., and all Around Neat Links

The Irish Times - Daily Irish news and free email.

Virtual Irish Pub

Lonely Planet  - A resource featuring our planet and specifics on countries.

Irish Net - Search for Irish Topics

Ireland for Visitors

The Official Guinness Site

FAQ and Folklore Regarding Guinness

Diane's Page about Ireland

The Complete Guide to Galway

In 2 Ireland - Search Engine

Foreign Exchange Rate - Ireland

20 Things to Do in Ireland

Ireland - The Information About Ireland Site

Ireland's Eye

Northern Ireland Tourist Board

The Northern Ireland Site

The Northern Ireland Index

A Cyber Guide to Northern Ireland

Irish History

Irish History on the Web

More Irish History

Celt Corpus of Electronic Texts

The National Archives of Ireland

Ireland's Historic Science Centre

Ireland Facts and History

Irish Genealogy and Coat of Arms

Remembering Bloody Sunday

Michael Collins Resource Page

Michael Collins' Website

1916 Easter Rising

Irish Rebellion and Civil War

Irish Arts, Culture, Music and Literature

Celtic Web Art

Celtic Web Art II

More CelticClip Art

History of Celtic Art

The Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame

The Irishworld Online

The Irish Music Warehouse

Irish Cuisine - Clover All Over

Celtic Cuisine

Temple Bar Virtual Gallery

Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore and Drama

The Chieftains

Irish Political Parties/Politics

The New Northern Ireland Assembly

Alliance Party

Fianna Fail (South)

Fine Gael (South)

Northern Ireland's Women's Coalition

Progressive Unionist Party (PUP)

Sinn Fein

**Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein ( A PBS Frontline Documentary)**

Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Ulster Democratic Party (UDP)

Ulster Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)

The Worker's Party

Belfast City Council

Derry City Council

Irish Political Science Links

Irish Politics Resource

Government Agencies/ Education Links

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

Northern Ireland Public Service Web

Royal Irish Constabulary (RUC)

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Network for Education

Northern Ireland Bus Site (Ulster Bus)


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