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Quotes: A Northern Ireland Experience
In order for some of the individuals to save face, the names have been of  individuals have been omitted.
Collected by Elizabeth Dick.

We are sitting in the ass-end of the plane.

We'll just have to amuse ourselves.

Do you have control over my light somehow? (Gotta love planes.)

Hey Burt!  Ya like your 2 am sunrise? (On the 8 hour TransAtlantic flight to Gatwick)

Take your damn cup back, Beefy!  She don't want it! (What a nasty stewardess.)

I see land.
Over between those clouds.

What's burning?
They are. (Concerning cigarette smoke.)

It smells like Sea World here. (When at Giant's Causeway)

It's your birthday on Sunday?  I hope they get you ROARING drunk.

Maybe we shouldn't say things are 'the bomb' here guys.

That's what the farmer does after the ewe is serviced by the ram. (That's what those spray painted spots are for.)

I really hope that they are on a different system, because if not, I just ate an 80g of fat sandwich.

This country is ruled by lard.

The Brubaker's must be taking over the world.  They procreate like rabbits.

I feel a story coming on. (The ongoing theme of the trip.)

Do people ever lose their balls in that monastery?
No, but they do in my garden. (A really close golf course.)

I guess I shouldn't ask you if your name is a mouthful.- (The surname in question is Dick.)

I've seen wildebeests go through smaller holes than that!

Phi Tappa Goata (Ah, Corrymeela.)

Oh my God, Oh my God!-The resident drunk at Peadar O'Donnell's

Hey Socrates!  You're glowing like a lighting bug tonight. (Compliments of the Canavan's children's' tapes.)

Hey, I thought warriors like you didn't get constipated. (Ditto.)

Oh!  I'm sorry.  I thought you said you were going to expose yourself. (Miscommunication between an American and a Frenchman.)

Turn off the heat baby, I can make my own!

It's not magic, it's bad grammar. (Referring to the even popular fast food chain "Abrakebabra".)

Let's check our email.
But the thing is I know I won't have any.
Yeah, man, but it's like this is paris and you won't go see the Eiffel Tower.

The Idiosyncrasies of Magee College - The Branch of the University of Ulster that I studied at while in Northern Ireland.

Many More to Come...Stay Tuned...

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