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               The Idiosyncrasies of Magee College

           Every college has them but these are pretty crazy.


1. Closing all of the gates on campus but leaving the car park open.

2. Printing out your paper should not be more complicated than writing it. (Once you figured it out it was pretty easy but it was the figuring it out part that was a pain.)

3. "When I get back to the States I'm not going to be used to getting condiments for free." 5p for ketchup, 10p for butter, etc.

4. The Online Library Catalogue - The book you want is on loan and due back 2/10/94! Also, forget bout online renewals!

5. Thanks to our ever-so-kind (sarcasm) lunchladies, the food costs a different price everyday.

6. "We will be having a seminar in this room in 15 minutes."
     - The Sanctuary of the Library

7. MB 023..."MB...that's the name of the building?"

8. All the blue doors, which you have to PULL open, lead from one door to another to another to another, etc. Don't forget! Doors to CORRIDORS are numbered as well!

9. The custodial staff has difficulties replenishing the supply of toilet paper at ALL times of the day.

10. Some people, particularly those who speak little or no English, have trouble communicating electronically (via AOL Messenger or something like that), so they feel the need to yell across the room, in their vernacular language, while people are attempting to write/organise their multiple 2000+ word essays in the computer lab!

11. A college bookstore minus the books.

12. More fun with the library - The issue desk closes 15 minutes before the library closes and re-opens 15 minutes after the library opens.


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