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Ronald C Anderson
20460 East Terrace Dr.
Wellsville Ohio 43968

Dear Mr. Anderson,

First and foremost, I do appreciate you have responded to my interest in the position and are taking time to review my letter and resume. Also, I hope you do not mind the format in which I sent you the information for consideration of the assistant band director position. I felt that it was the most efficient and quickest way for you to receive it.

The reason that I am applying for the position comes from two main reasons: influence by a Lion from Canal Winchester, Loretta Sweeney and my professional objective/the reason that I love to teach music and influence others through music. I have an interest to become more involved with music on a level that gives it to all people and can influence all ages. I am excited about being a part of this select group. We can make some wonderful music, enjoy ourselves and provide a service to the people who hear the band.

I feel confident in my abilities as a musician, director, organizer and music teacher to perform this job well and to the best of my capability. I believe that I can bring good things to the band, and also, maintain a sense of tradition to what the Lions' Band has become and is expected to be in the future..

Music is a universal language and part of a peace process. It bridges gaps and narrows divides. I would like to be part of this effort. Music is without boundaries. During my experience in Northern Ireland these truths of music became much more evident and relevent in my career and personal life. I would like to share in the Lion vision of service and do my part as a servant to the people and students, which this band will reach out to.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. I hope to be working with the group this summer.


Morissa Born
302 Shady Lane Dr.
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
(937) 592-3911 - Home
(937) 686-8833, ext. 3303 - Work

P.S. If you need additional references I can provide names and phone numbers of current co-workers as well as my middle school principle.