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Lots O'Cool Links
Elder Beerman

My current place of employment.

The company I work for within Elder Beerman.
Free web-based email accounts which hold up to 2000K for FREE!

The New York Times
Grab the daily world news.
  My dad's home on the web. Get FREE homepage space.

My home on the web. Pick up 11MB of FREE homepage space!
Find People's email addresses and other info.
Cracker Barrel
Great place to eat as well as work!
The New York Times
Check up on your news online.
Need a new desktop theme? Here's the place to go.
Sound America
Great place to pick up wav. files.
Veggie Tales
I love talking veggies.
Great place to download great demos and upgrades.
A great way to communicate.
Lonely Planet
Get to know our world.
Six Degrees
Communicate with a huge web of people through Six Degrees.
Okay, I'm a science nerd. Deal with it!! Check it out!
The Irish Times
Check out the Irish news and get  a free 3000K  email account.
Ask Jeeves
 Ask and ye shall find.
Bluffton College
My college! Check out the music dept. page.
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