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Pics of My Friends
Attention Family!! Pictures will be loaded as soon as I get home to the scanner!! Love You!

*Disclaimer* Some of them I admit being my friends and others...well...hehe!*
Just click the mouse over the pic to get a caption.

Barry was trying to cheer me up with a quick pic with his webcam. Nice tongue!John, you're really not a morning person, are you?Everyone in the "Orgy Orb" at Bluffton College's Snyder Circle.

How many people can we fit into Holly's loft?

Elizabeth(left) and I at the department Christmas party.Ok, we look a tad stretched out.

 1998  OCMEA Music Dept. Christmas Party

All of us in the green room of the Ford Theater with "Uncle" Mark and Brian Stokes Mitchell after Ragtime

Holly, Me and Dawn at a diner in NYC.Brian, Clinton, and I on a ferry.Chad in a Dr. Jacoby hat.Patty, Me (with long hair!!), and Jenny in Hirschy

All of us at Planet Hollywood (Holly is taking the shot.)

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Last Modified 1 December 1999

(Sorry, I can't put any new images up until I get back to the states where I have a scanner.)